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In observance of the upcoming U.S. holiday and early closure, the Consular Section, including American Citizen Services, will be closed on the following days:  




Day of the Week






Presidents' Day

2 (N) 05-Mar-15 Thursday Holi Purnima

American citizens needing emergency assistance should contact the Embassy’s duty officer at +977-1-4007266 or +977-1-4007269. The Consular Section’s e-mail address is consktm@state.gov and the Embassy’s website is http://nepal.usembassy.gov.

We regret any inconvenience caused by these closures.

DV-2016 Results
Starting May 5, 2015, DV-2016 entrants may enter their DV-2016 entry confirmation number into the Entrant Status Check, available at http://dvlottery.state.gov, to find out whether their DV-2016 entry was selected or not. DV-2016 data will be available through the Entrant Status Check until at least June 30, 2016.  All entrants should keep their confirmation number until September 30, 2016, whether they are initially selected or not.   The Entrant Status Check, when available on May 5, 2015, will provide next-step instructions to selectees, and will direct each selectee to the "Instructions for Selectees" web pages, which are accessible on http://travel.state.gov by entering the web address dvselectee.state.gov

DV-2016 selectees who respond to the notification instructions on Entrant Status Check will receive e-mail communications alerting them that a visa appointment has been scheduled.  Such e-mails will not contain information on the actual appointment date and time but will instead direct selectees to check their interview appointment details on Entrant Status Check.

Be aware of scams: DV winners do not receive emails informing them of their selection. Any letter, email or other announcement asking you to pay any processing fee in advance of your visa appointment at the embassy should be disregarded as the work of scam artist.

DV- 2015 Interviews
The interviews for DV-2015 winners began on October 01, 2014 and will run through September 2015.  All family members must appear at the interview and arrive with all the necessary documentation. 

To help prepare for your DV interview, please assemble the following documents: 


For your appointment letter: Please visit dvlottery.state.gov or check your email.

All DV-2015 applicants should bear in mind that there are a limited number of DV visas available every year for Nepal and the delay caused by a case being on hold may result in an otherwise qualified applicant not receiving a visa due to this numerical limitation.  For this reason, individuals who miss or reschedule their appointments, or come unprepared without all required documents, risk the possibility that a visa will not be available.  

Visa numbers cannot be transferred or reserved if you do not qualify on your appointment date.

For more information on Diversity visa please visit: http://www.uscis.gov/green-card/other-ways-get-green-card/green-card-through-diversity-immigration-visa-program/green-card-through-diversity-immigrant-visa-program

DV Program 2014 information video

PSA on Diversity Visa

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