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Adopting in Nepal

U.S. Delegation Visits to Nepal for Update on Government’s Child Welfare System

November 20, 2014

A delegation comprising of representatives of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) concluded a five day visit to Nepal on November 20.  The delegation was led by Ambassador Susan S. Jacobs, Special Advisor for Children’s Issues.  The visit’s purpose was to learn about the Government of Nepal’s current child welfare system, including its adoption procedures, and to demonstrate the U.S. government’s support for the Government of Nepal’s efforts to safeguard intercountry adoptions. 

For background purposes, in August 2010, the U. S. Department of State and USCIS suspended processing of new adoption cases from Nepal involving children claimed to have been found abandoned because of concerns regarding the reliability of supporting documents.  The United States continues to process cases involving relinquishment by known birth parents. 

The delegation met with Nepali government officials, representatives of foreign missions, and non-governmental stakeholders to discuss Nepal’s child welfare and adoption systems.  On November 19 the delegation hosted a public town hall meeting for interested stakeholders at the U.S. Embassy.  In these meetings, the delegation learned more about proposals to reform Nepal’s child welfare system, the circumstances under which children enter children’s homes and may become eligible for adoption in Nepal, and modifications to the country’s procedures for intercountry adoptions.  Attendees at the public town hall meeting provided valuable ideas for improving child protections, including those related to adoption. 

Upon the delegation’s return to the United States, the U.S. government will assess the information received in order to determine next steps.

Any additional feedback for the visiting delegation can be sent to or with the phrase ‘Nepal Feedback’ in the subject line.

Please read the U.S. Department of State Office of Children’s Issues’ general information on adopting from Nepal.

Please also read the current U.S. Department of State Notice recommending against adopting from Nepal as well as other notices and news relating to adopting overseas. 

Country Information Sheet for Nepal

To contact the U.S. Embassy Kathmandu with specific adoptions related queries, please email: