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Which Visa is Right for my Visit?

The type of visa for which you apply - and the requirements for getting a non-immigrant visa - depends on your purpose of travel. If you are unsure as to which visa is the right one for you, contact with your questions.

The U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu strongly urges visa applicants to not make any travel arrangements until they actually have in their possession a visa issued by the Embassy.

Visa Category      Description

A1/A2 Visa

     Diplomats and foreign government officials

A3/G5 Visa

     Domestic employees of A1/A2  or G1/G4
     visa holder

B1 Visa

     Business visitors, domestic employees,
     academics, researchers, short-term

B2 Visa

     Holiday, tourism, medical treatment

C1 Visa

     Transiting the U.S. to another destination

C1/D Visa

     Crewmembers working on air or sea

F1/M1 Visa

     Students: academic or vocational
     (degree/certificate program)

G1/G4 Visa

     Employees of an international organization

H Visa

     Employment-based visas

I Visa

     Journalists and members of the media

J1 Visa

     Exchange visitor, academics, au-pairs,

L Visa

     Intra-company transferees

O/P Visa
     Persons with extraordinary ability in
     science, art, education, business
     or athletics

R Visa

     Religious worker

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