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Travel Information and Messages to U.S. Citizens

Millions of Americans travel abroad every year and encounter no difficulties. However, U.S. embassies and consulates assist nearly 200,000 Americans each year who are victims of crime, accident, or illness, or whose family and friends need to contact them in an emergency. When an emergency happens or if natural disaster, terrorism, or civil unrest strikes during your foreign travel, the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate can be your source of assistance and information. By informing us about your trip or residence abroad, you help the embassy locate you when you might need them the most. Signing up is voluntary and costs nothing, but it should be a big part of your travel planning and security.  
Nepal is a country with frequent natural disasters and political uncertainty. U.S. citizens who are planning to travel to Nepal are strongly encouraged to enroll with the U.S. Embassy, either by completing the online form or by stopping by the Consular Section of the Embassy and completing a paper form. 

Country Specific Information for Nepal 

We provide information on every country in the world. For each country, you will find information like the location of the U.S. embassy and any consular offices; whether you need a visa; crime and security information; health and medical conditions; drug penalties; and localized hot spots. This is a good place to start learning about where you are going. 

Travel Alert/Travel Warning

If any Travel Alert or Travel Warning is in effect for Nepal, the text will be posted here, and also at  

Emergency and Security Messages

Emergency and Security Messages to U.S. citizens are designed to alert U.S. citizens to specific information pertaining to security concerns or other critical information that would affect the safety and security of U.S. citizens traveling and residing in Nepal.

Demonstration Notices  

Demonstration Notices are a special class of message to U.S. citizens that are designed to alert U.S. citizens to a probable demonstration over a fixed period of time at a particular location.  This information is conveyed so that you can take appropriate action to provide for your own safety and security.   

Other Messages

Other Messages to U.S. Citizens are routine but important messages such as voting news, change in business hours, outreach trip information.

Archived Messages for U.S. Citizens

Traveling to Nepal

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Country Specific Information

  • Country Specific Information for Nepal

LGBT Travel Information

  • LGBT Travel Information

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