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B1/B2 Business and Tourism Visas

The B1/B2 visa covers many purposes of short-term travel to the United States, the two most common reasons being for business or tourism. For this visa, the applicant must prove they have no intent to immigrate to the United States. Some kinds of B1/B2 travelers include:     

What documents are needed to qualify for B1/B2 visa?

Besides the application, passport, and photograph, there are no other specific documents which have to be submitted.  Nonetheless, an applicant should produce eveidence subastantiating the purpose of the trip, intent to depart the United States after a temporary visit and arrangements made to cover the costs of the stay in the U.S. and return abroad.  It is impossible to specify the exact form the evidence should take since applicants’ circumstances vary greatly.

Other Points of interest:

  • A person who has been issued a visitor visa is not permitted to accept employment.  A visitor who accepts employment or who remains in the U.S. beyond the period for which s/he has been granted permission to stay violates the terms of his/her visitor status and becomes subject to deportation.
  • A visa may not be transferred from one person to another, or used by anyone other than the one to whom it is issued.  If there is more than one person included in a passport, each person desiring a visa must make an application.
  • If the Consular Officer should find it necessary to deny the issuance of a visitor visa, the applicant may apply again if s/he is in possession of new evidence to overcome the basis for the refusal.
  • Apply early!  Do not wait until the last minute.  If there is a problem, it is better to know in advance.

Visa issuance fee:  There is no visa issuance fee for this kind of visa for Nepalis. Applicants are still required to pay the $160 visa appointment fee at Nabil Bank.

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